Blogger’s Log – Stardate 7/2/2016

I fear this is the lull before Storm Imogen and I am ready to batten down the hatches again.  Food is running dangerously low, but journeying out to the supermarket just doesn’t appeal, as I fear Imogen might arrive sooner than she is forecast.  So  it would be safer to lose the odd pound, rather than being caught in the eye of the storm.  Hopefully she will blow herself out over night and move north, so I can stock up on supplies tomorrow.  I do fear for those stationed in more northerly sectors as they may be in for a bigger battering than ourselves.


In the distant reaches of my mind, I have made an astonishing discovery.



After many months of searching, I find that the ending for the book has been there all the time.  It was clouded by the endless re-writes and has been sitting in Chapter 18 tapping it’s fingers and smirking “What took you so long?”.  I have been giving this situation my undivided attention.  Following much cutting and pasting, the text has found its way to it rightful place.


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