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How is your Hippocampus today?

No, not hippo camp …

Hippo camp



If you are still not sure, your Hippocampus is all to do with your memory.  I constantly worry about mine.  Mildly panicking when a word escapes me and things do not get better as you get older.

So, what can we all do to help our Hippocampus stay sharp?  I am always doing crosswords … general knowledge I might add … and, sometimes, I even set a timer.  Here are a few tips from Mehmet Oz that were highlighted in an article by Belleruth Naparstek – Tickle Your Hippocampus and Keep Your Brain Sharp!

These are perfect for me …

  1.  Daydream – I do it all the time
  2.  Get lost on purpose – interesting … but I do have a good sense of direction
  3.  Hit your threshold – do the Times crossword, followed by intervals of intense exercise – OK about as intense as it gets these days is a brisk 35 minute walk with Cassie the Blog Dog

So what are you waiting for?  Tickle your Hippocampus today.




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