Multitasking. Am I wasting my time?

And the answer is a resounding yes. These days I joke and say “I can’t do it anymore!”. But could I ever multitask?  The truth is that none of us can. According to various surveys, we waste between 20% and 40% of our valuable time flitting and floating between projects.

Mind you throughout time immemorial the female of the species and more recently a few alpha males, effectively manage to juggle between work and the family.

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I currently have various projects on the go and I find it almost impossible to stick with one thing, when and idea for something else plops into my brain. So instead of finishing what I am in the middle of, I tend to dip in and out of each project.  Not good.

If am flitting and floating between projects, I need to discipline myself.  I need to realise that managing my time properly will ensure that all projects are finished in record time.  Wikihow have produced some easy to read tips, to concentrate even the most undisciplined of minds, like mine, to manage their time more effectively.

Time management
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