As a general rule, I avoid the following topics like the plague …

Politics            Religion                  Sex


Out of practice?

Out of my depth?

Out of my comfort zone?

All three?

I am neither a Political Analyst, a regular Church goer or E.L. James, so therefore totally unqualified to comment on any of these sensitive subjects in any way shape or form.

Today, unfortunately, I just cannot help myself.  I realise I will be skating on very thin ice but I just cannot get my head around Donald Trump.  Is he for real?  So much backstabbing and backbiting in his bid to be President of the U.S.A.  Is this what politics have been reduced to?  Check out @realDonaldTrump to absorb more of his words of wisdom.

More importantly, is a billionaire who quotes Mussolini to get his point of view across suitably qualified to be in the White House and hold the reins to one of the powerful positions in the world?