Remember Seasoned Professionals … Sarcasm is the lowest form of Wit

Well, it is not very professional is it?  Why on earth would you feel compelled to have a pop at someone who has clearly stolen the hearts of millions of people since they switched on the brilliant TV programme Gogglebox?

What ever happened to the old age adage of if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all?  Certain so-called celebrities seem to be debasing themselves these days by taking cowardly swipes at other celebs from the safety of their Twitter account.  Outing themselves as nothing less than an Internet Troll.  It really does take my Twit away.

Katie Hopkins can always be relied upon to hit below the belt.   Always homing in on the unnecessary and the unkind.  Is that what you have to do to get attention to yourself these days?  Katie decided to take a swing at Gogglebox’s 25-year-old Scarlett Moffatt.  Scarlett has a big personality, a great sense of humour and, to normal people, that is all we need to know.  That is all we care about.


Scarlett swiftly and expertly parried the seasoned professional’s Fourth Form humour Tweet efficiently with the words and wit of a wise 25-year-old …


If anybody is an Oompa Loompa here, it is Katie Hopkins.

Oompa loompa doompety dee
If you are wise you’ll listen to me

Even worse is when somebody is getting paid to slag someone else off.  I despair. 69-year-old Kelvin MacKenzie of The Sun.  Father of 8 boys and 7 girls who had the nerve to say that Scarlett was “No role model for young girls“.  Good God man!  Whatever gives you the right?  Look at the state of you!

Kelvin MacKenzie
Saddo – Kelvin MacKenzie age 69 – what gives you the right to criticize 25-year-old women?
katie hopkins
Saddo – Katie Hopkins – pick on somebody your own size


Why can’t you both accept that this stunning and vivacious 25-year-old will bring us more joy in our lives that either of you ever will.  And, by the way, as the professionals you both are, you will know that sarcasm is the lowest form of wit.  Save your sarcasm for the scum that deserve it and not those who are doing just fine.




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