Photoshopping Philistines

With the dust settling after all the hoo-ha surrounding Meghan Trainor’s Photoshopped video to make her look thinner, without her permission, is enough to make anybody  teeter off their stacks and fall over on The Tonight Show.

Meghan is all about the music.  She is bubbly and talented.  That should be enough.  She does not need to be the size of a stick insect to continue to rock the music world and she certainly does not need computer software meddling with her measurements.

megan 2.jpg

I have always been a member of the Fuller Figure Club, even when I was playing tennis 6 days a week as well as Nutbush City Limiting the hell out of 10 hours of aerobics a week.  We are all different.  We are all unique.  Get over it!  Photoshop off!



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