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Blogging – How committed are YOU?

I like to think of myself as a Butterfly Brain, although I don't think such a condition exists, but my mind jumps from whim to whim. OK, so I have the attention span of a gnat.

I read an article recently which asked “Is it time to give up blogging?”  I often wonder.

When I look at the A Team women bloggers out there, I know exactly what I am up against in terms of breaking into their league and it makes me want to cry.

Jenny Lawson – The Bloggess

Margaret and Helen – best friends for 60 years plus

and Dear Coquette

Flippant I maybe, but I am only too aware that serious blogging requires serious commitment. So I am a complete failure as a blogger, because you just cannot afford to dip in an out.

  1. I dip more out than in.  3 years ago and before I started Lost Blogs, published an article which contained the following words which have kind of stuck in my mind, “blogging is a freaking hard job”.  They were not joking. Blogging demands your attention every freaking day and often every freaking sleepless night.
  2. I am easily distracted.  I make the excuse that I am re-writing my current WIP and yet I have just spent 4 uninterrupted days creating a birthday video for a friend.  Well, 3 days in the making and 24 hours admiring my Sam Mendes-esque production, half expecting an invitation to the 2017 Oscars to plop through the letterbox any second.  Total commitment to honing my producer/director skills. But, hang on a minute, I have a blog to feed.
  3. No focus. I like to think of myself as a Butterfly Brain, although I don’t think such a condition exists, but my mind tends to jump from whim to whim.  OK, so I have the attention span of a gnat.
  4. No niche.  Although, hello, it does say on the packet … Expect The Unexpected.  Life is just too short to be niche.
  5. Lazy?  Actually lazy is something I am not.  On too many occasions, I take my laptop to bed.  Not to watch the P word, but writing until dawn.  Which by the way, for those of you who are not regularly woken up by the dawn chorus, it is a wonderful time of day.

So why do I persist in wracking my small smattering of flighty neurons to create a piece of under 500 words in an attempt to compete with the number of hits that the above mentioned and way out of my league ladies achieve?  Although there have been a couple of occasions when Word Press have sent me messages to say my Stats were soaring, together with pictures of little trophies as my hits just kept on coming but, sadly, it just doesn’t happen often enough.

So why do I feel the compulsion to continue?  Because I actually do want to make it from an unheard of and unclassified blogger to the heady heights of an E Team blogger and work my way up. To blog for posterity.  To be remembered for being a random blogger with the attention span of a gnat, who always kept you guessing about what to expect.



Thank you very much for visiting my niche-less blog! If you have time before you leave, would love you to tell us what you think. All the best, Tessa Barrie

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