Unbelievable braggadocios who deserve to go down

Texan veterinarian Kirsten Lindsay

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Lindsay bragged on Facebook that she had shot a feral cat with a bow and arrow.  She lost her job and quite rightly so, which was some justice for her victim, Tiger, who actually belonged to Claire and Bill Johnson.

Dentist Walter J Palmer of Minnesota

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Palmer paid $50,000 to lure 13-year-old Cecil the lion from the security of Hwange National Park to a nearby farm where he shot him.  He got away with it not, not so the two Zimbabweans who arranged it for him.  I wouldn’t want Palmer anywhere near my teeth, but Cecil’s family can sink theirs into him any time.


MP for New South Wales – Robert Borsak

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Borsak says he ate the meat of an elephant he shot – “but not in one sitting”.  I should think not.

“I choose to hunt and gather my own meat because it is my right to do so. It is a clean, organic, and sustainable way to live. I choose to cull feral and invasive animals because culling protects our native species and habitats, and I consider myself a responsible and ethical hunter and fisher.”  Borsak said.

Surely this was a case of an irresponsible and unethical Australian hunter being invasive and culling an African elephant in their own homeland where they should be allowed to roam free.


 Take them all down! 

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