Aha … so this is what the recently ex-Collabro member Richard has been up to.  Since February this year he has been posting solo swing numbers on his own You Tube channel … Swingfield.

You can’t really do that as a member of a five piece.  Anyway after his ex-band members debuted as a four piece yesterday at Old Trafford, Richard can now swing solo to his heart’s content.

collabro old trafford
Collabro proving they  will be stronger than be four during their four piece debut, singing Abide With Me at Old Trafford yesterday to kick-off Soccer Aid – Photo Credit:  ITV


Let us hope that Richard doesn’t find that his new life out there on the long and winding road is not too lonely.

Richard Hadfield just before his last performance as a member of Collabro on Saturday – now swinging solo