As it says in the blurb … wake up the writer in you and after a weekend in the company of Adrienne Dines and Barbara Large of Creative Words Matter held at Jersey’s Arts Centre this weekend, this aspiring writer has been awake all night.

Adrienne Dines (left) and Barbara Large

We are so incredibly lucky on our small island of Jersey that these infectiously inspiring ladies have graced us with their presence for the last four years.  I don’t know where I was during their first two visits. Probably down in the depths of despair, fumbling around in that dingy sinkhole known as writer’s block.

There are no two better people to break anybody’s block than Adrienne and Barbara.  They have a veritable arsenal of explosive writing tips in their writer’s toolbox.  An inexhaustible amount of creative ideas that bounce spontaneously off the tops of their heads.   Whilst critiquing something you have just written or something you have been poring over for the last six months, years, or decades even.  You will experience the definite “why didn’t I think of that?” moment.   I had many of those last weekend.

As our creative weekend ended, we all said our à bientôts and I drove the agonizingly short distance home like a formula one driver.  I threw myself up the stairs, sliding into the comfy chair in front of my laptop in my little writing sanctuary and let my salivating creative juices rip.

So, yes.  I have had a completely sleepless night, watching new ideas spinning around inside my head.    I know I need to ditch my clichés, my ly’s, and a whole host of bad writing habits that I have allowed myself to get into, but I am on a role.  As long as I can get my annual Creative Words Matter fix.

Barbara and Adrienne hold workshops around the UK and if you feel your writing needs a creative TLC, just click here to contact Barbara.  And remember …  

Creative Words Matter