Bang! Splat! Kapow! Will Bond return as a woman?

I have just been dealing with some paperwork and note that my reference number on one piece of correspondence is 007.  Do you think that is an omen that Bond will return as a woman?

Hopefully not as scantily clad as this one.

jane Bond
007 – unsuitably dressed to save the world.  High chance of hyperthermia north of Manchester


Daniel Craig AKA James Bond and all the actors before him have never needed to run around in their Armani boxers whilst saving the world as 007.   Any potential Jane Bond should always be suitably clad whilst beating the hell out of the bad guys.

daniel craig
007 – Suitably dressed to save the world
Jane bond 3
007 – smart, savvy and smouldering and ready to kick some ass


Olivia Coleman may have been having a laugh, but I am deadly serious.

Jane Bond 4

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