From 10p.m. last night to 6.a.m. this morning  I  witnessed what had to be one of the biggest events in the UK’s history dramatically unfold on TV.  With square unbelieving eyes, I continued to watch this morning as Nigel Farage celebrated the UK’s so-called  Independence Day.  Recorded for posterity on national television, Nigel then admitted that his promise of £360 Million to the NHS was a mistake.  Completely unbelievable, given that this  information will have influenced some 17 million to vote to leave the European Union, whose comforting solidarity we have benefitted from for 41 years.

This morning the GB pound plummeted to a 31-year low against the dollar.  That is not a good start, but is anybody really surprised?

Brexit clinched victory by a small majority vote in the scheme of things, 17,410,742 leave to 16,141,241 remain, at a time when the world should be pulling together to fight the evil that threatens to destroy it, the British public have voted to alienate themselves from the rest of Europe.

By choosing to opt out of the European Union, standing together with the might of Europe in a crisis, is no longer an option.  We are no longer one body.  One voice. 

Gone will be the days of freedom, driving through some of the most picturesque parts of Europe as a British National as we will be subjected to border checks. 

It is estimated that 75%  young people voted to remain.  Their hopes of being included in Erasmus schemes have now been taken away.  Gap years in Europe to broaden their horizons are now under threat. 

Sophisticated, well educated and mature 18-year-olds from a cross section of the UK were interviewed on BBC’s Radio 4 this morning who feel they have been robbed of opportunities on their doorstep, describing some of the politicians as petulant and immature.

The entente cordiale between the UK and their closest neighbour as well as the rest of the countries in the EU will no longer be so cordiale.  Gone will be the days of such great projects as the Anglo-French Concorde … with an e.

After an emotionally charged few days which included the cowardly assassination of the bright, young, politician Jo Cox by a psychopath shouting “Britain First!”, let us hope that the fallout following Great Britain’s exit from the EU is less ugly.  This is not the result she would have craved.

With the Brexit supporters baying for the heads of the Remain campaigners who fought so passionately to keep Great Britain safer and stronger, a period of calm is required.  Protecting jobs, exports and most importantly the economy are key.

Will we all have to buy new passports?  That should put a dent in everybody’s budget. From where I sit, St. Malo is just shy of 40 miles away.  Jersey is one of the Crown dependencies and we rely on the UK to represent our position in Europe and the UK voters decision will have a knock on effect here as well.  It will have a knock on affect for everybody in the UK.  It is a sad day for UK politics and a sad day for European Union.




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