When you know you are so close to finishing your current work in progress, a warm feeling of excited anticipation washes over you.

Then this happens.

After days, months and years of blood, sweat and tears, that excited anticipation is washed away in an instant by an ice cold realisation and mind-numbing moment when you realise that part of your manuscript is missing.  Evaporated, gone.  Where is this sizable chunk of my labour of love?  Where are my carefully chosen words that have been re-written countless of times?

  • Not saved?
  • Floating around in a cyberspace abyss?
  • Stolen?
  • Why have all the back-up systems I have invested so heavily in seem to have so cruelly failed me?
  • Is it case for Moulder and Scully?
  • Why are the things you need the most never in iCloud?
  • Did I write into the wee small hours and drop off to sleep on the keyboard, hitting delete as my head went down?

Whatever caused the disappearance of a few thousand words, I am trying to blot out the real figure, it hurts. Don’t let it happen to you.

The moment your realise you’ve lost a sizeable chunk of your manuscript