Oh to be flat chested!! The joys of buying a bra.

I am so envious of women with small boobs and those with pert bazookers make me insanely jealous.  Why me?  Why do I have to put up with such heavy boobage?  With no other option than to keep myself well upholstered at all times?

I supposed I enjoyed going bra-less in my youth for as long as I could, but now I am paying the price of having to swing pendulous orbs around, which can be painful without a reliable over-shoulder-bolder-holder and choosing the right one to fit you is a nightmare

over shoulder boulder holder.jpg
Exhibit A – vintage over-shoulder-boulder-holder
Have you tried buying a bra recently?   So many bras, so little time.  Gone are the days when you just popped into a shop and bought a bra in under five minutes.

There are so many different styles of bra on the market which makes choosing one a  mind-blowing experience , especially as you are faced with a selection that takes up a whole floor of a department store.

bra shop.jpg
Buying a bra?  Which one is for me?
Half and hour later and you have selected a bra that you actually like, then you need to find it in your size.  I am obviously not alone, my boobs must be the most common size, because there are never, ever any left on the racks.  But when push comes to uplift, have you actually picked out the right bra for you?

bra look younger and slimmer
Exhibit B – The bra I can never find
1.  Choose a bra as if you were choosing a dog collar.   Make sure there is room for two fingers between your chest and the bra.

2.  Jump up and down.  If your boobs still hit you on your nose, get one with a much wider and stronger shoulder strap.

3.  Cup size is a tricky one.  These days they go from AAA to F …  I think.  Did I actually see a G yesterday or was I delusional by that stage.  Trial and error is best.  I hate trying them on in the store, but unless you want to

a) arrange for a personal fitting or

b) keep coming back to the store change them.  Try them on!

4.  And remember, if an underwired bra is morphing on you, it is the wrong size.

With so many different types of bra available, set aside half a day to chose the one that is right for you.  Be it balconette or bandeau, you’ll be in the shop for the long haul.  You can even buy a convertible, so you can jog off into the sunset without your mammas knocking you out.

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