Rio 2016 Super Saturday

I missed the opening ceremony so, after what I thought was a slow start, it all seems to be kicking off in Rio.  With Team GB currently lying 3rd on the medal table.  So exciting!  Yes, little old GB next to the might of USA and China.

There seem to have been a few firsts and not all medal winning.  Where to begin?

  1. Kariman Abuljadayel has made history as the first Saudi woman to compete in the Olympics 100 metres.
  2. Presenter spats precisely three days until Sir Steve Redgrave finally cracks and start roundly beating Inverdale with his own umbrella. #Rio2016  — Becky Fox (@beckyfox12) August 12, 2016
  3. Green pool – no real answer for this one …
  4. Backbiting – Piers Morgan … get a grip 
  5. Lookism – Helen Skelton criticized for the length of her dress – bloody cheek – her male co-presenter can show his legs and nobody has anything to say!
  6. Marriage proposal – Aww … Isadora Cerullo, 25, a member of the Brazilian squad, had a night that she wouldn’t forget. After the medal ceremony, Isadora’s girlfriend, Marjorie Enya, a manager at Deodoro Stadium, asked her to marry her. 
  7. Rugby Sevens – Team GB Ladies you have inspired me to take up the sport … shame I am too old .. its not going to put me off
  8. ‘my buddy, my friend’ — Member of the Dutch dressage team Adelinde Cornelissen pulls out after her horse, Parzival,  is bitten by a spider in Rio and runs a high temperature.  Quite right.  A girl after my own heart.
  9. USA Gymnast – Shawn Johnson launches her new sports clothes brand

And there is still so much sport to come!

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