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As I grow older I often wonder whether, knowing what I know now, I would like to start my life all over again?  Probably not, but one thing I would like back is my body …


Lean, svelte and supple …

Actually I would settle for my knees up to the age of 50, mine seems to have undergone a degree of calcification over the last few years.

C’est la vie … from young and cheeky to old and creaky in the blink of an eye …

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  1. Yes, the body does seem to break down as we get older. But what a blessing to still have a body with all the creaks? At 61, I’ve decided to take it all in stride. I love up my aches and pains, and gratefully acknowledge living in a world of medical miracles. I walk slower, stumble, and even threaten to fall on occasion, but when I do, I’m thankful to have the know-how to stay on my feet mentally. I have found that as long as my mental capacities are in tact, I can auto-correct almost anything physical. Just takes a bit longer!

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