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Political Hiatus:  where do we go from here?

In these unstable times, our shrinking and volatile world needs us all to pull together and unite more than ever before.

I hardly had time to mourn the implications of Brexit, when I became consumed with the US Presidential Election.

I try never to publicly air my political views, particularly after receiving a post Brexit bashing after I dared to pop my head above the social media parapet and share my grief. I had no response to the unrestrained backlash.  I know nothing about the mechanics of politics; my heart does the all talking. But I can’t help myself and have broken another of my own rules.

In the last few weeks I have listened to dirt dishing debates and below the belt banter surrounding the US Presidential Election.

In the last couple of days I shed tears watching the eloquent Hillary Clinton magnanimously concede that her stronger together dream was over   …

“Donald Trump is going to be our President … we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead.”  Hillary Clinton

You cannot get much more magnanimous than that especially as the country voted for Hillary, but the system elected Donald.

In two months time, an apprentice arrives at the White House to govern a country of  324,984,908 people (as at 11.11hrs on the 11/11/2016); even if only some 190,000,000 of the populate voted in this hugely important election.

Yesterday I shed more tears watching my journalistic hero, Jonathan Capehart, become emotional when interviewed by Jon Snow about the implications of a Trump presidency. Amongst his other fears he said 

“As an African-American, as an openly gay man, and as an American, that frightens me.”


I also find it scary.  We have come so far, in terms of creating a better, fairer democratic society for everybody and right now we seem to be in danger of sliding backwards. We cannot let that happen.

Giving an apprentice the role of Commander-in-Chief of the mighty USA, with his racist and misogynistic values, seems ludicrous. Although he may well be vulnerable to impeachment in respect of the fraud and racketeering charges against him before he gets to office.

The job demands someone with the relevant experence, someone who is charismatic, level headed and a great communicator. Someone who can heal and unite, not divide and separate.  Does Donald Trump have any these qualities?  This is real life, not a Reality TV show.

people's to do list.jpg

Our community spirit must drive us all from here and not just in the USA. Uniting, not dividing, the people of the world is fundamentally important.  We ARE stronger together. United we stand, divided we fall.

together we are stronger.png

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