Sleepless Night after BBC’s Awakening

It has been a week of catching up on iplayer or hub.  Unforgotten (hooked), Apple Tree Yard (confused) and finally catching up with the last episode of  Silent Witness during the early hours of this morning  – Awakening Part 2 .

It was bad enough watching our much-loved pathologist, Dr Nikki Alexander (Emilia Fox), being spat upon by El Buitre (Zombie Boy), enchantingly played by Rick Genest, which

The spitter – El Buitre 

pushed us die-hard fans to the limits, but seeing her buried alive and sharing her box with a scorpion, was the ultimate test of steel.  At around midnight, anything BBC was going to be permanently struck off my  viewing list if they killed her off, but Nikki lives to see another cadaver.  Hurrah!  And let us hope … Season 21.

Created by Nigel McCrerySilent Witness first hit our screens 20 years ago and has been compulsive viewing since then.  Love the BBC.

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