12/02/2017 – Jersey Boy Jonny Labey in finals of ITV’s Dance, Dance, Dance Tonight

For those of you who haven’t been watching the show, talented Jerseyman, Jonny Labey, has been performing on the show Dance Dance Dance, along with girlfriend and very talented hoofer, Chrissy Brooke.  Chrissy’s solo, last week dancing to Sia’s Chandelier, bought tears to my eyes … such passion.  Jonny’s Smooth Criminal routine did not disappoint either; their joint performances earning them a place in tonight’s final.  ITV tonight at 6.30p.m.   Judges Ashley Banjo (Diversity), Tina Landon (Mexican-American choreographer) and Timor Steffens (Choreographer and dancer) preside.

Break a leg guys.

Chrissy Sia, Chandelier.gif

Chrissy Brook dancing to Sia’s Chandelier on Dance Dance Dance last week- radio

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