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The Dotage Diaries – Just another manic Monday

Just another manic Monday.  I’m trying to keep myself busy.

It’s almost the end of February 2017.  It feels like it should still be 2016.  It’s like I missed a year.  2015 turned out to be my year from Hell, my annus horribilis, so I spent 2016 blinkered, dealing with the fallout from 2015.  I did manage to churn out the first draft of my novel during that time, so something positive came out of it.

Fortunately, I have been out already today … back home again now … thank goodness because during the last 10 minutes we have been exposed to some extreme vacillating meteorological elements.   My poor miniature daffodils.   One minute they were fluttering away in the spring sunshine one minute, battered by hail the next, before being blasted by monsoon-like rain and sprinkled with snowflakes the size of my fist.  What are we doing to our planet?!  At least when I was a child the seasons were when they were supposed to be. You knew when and what to expect, 10-minute weather hissy fits were unheard of.


February hail after a 10-minute weather hissy fit

So … I lit a fire and immersed myself in The Times General Knowledge Crossword and because it is a Monday, it’s really easy. I know all the answers. I just can’t remember some of them, at the moment, but I am sure I will after another cup of coffee.

My To-Do List is getting longer, but my general can’t be bothered state of mind precludes me from looking at it.  Today, power wash drive is on the top of the list but standing outside blasting water at an already wet drive would seem a pointless exercise.

Clear up office – AKA my writing space – is second on the list, but I am loathed to move/tidy anything, just in case I can’t find it again.

So back to crossword.  Feeling pleasure … 4 letters.  Um … love, lust … no … just got iguana … so must be glad.



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