Sometimes, forgetting things has its advantages.  It was the start of Lent yesterday and I completely forgot; along with clearing out the fridge, addressing my finances and the 20 other things glowering at me on my To Do List.

I had a couple of glasses of wine last night and I only remembered about Lent this morning after having eaten four biscuits with my coffee. Biscuits and wine. I was supposed to be giving up both these indulgences until 13th April. Too late now.  I must try to remember next year. I might have remembered, had I eaten pancakes yesterday, but I didn’t because I am on a diet.


The sun is out this morning, so I have no excuse, all the outdoor things on my To Do List,  will need to be done before the heavens open again, but I will take the dog for a walk first.  So let’s hope I remember when I get back.

Dear Dory and I have many things in common