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The Dotage Diaries – Turning into my mother

I have just had to sit down because I’ve had a bit of a shock.   I looked into the mirror and saw someone looking remarkably like my mother staring back at me.

I swear I heard her say “Look at the state of your hair!”, which is even more worrying really, given that she died over a year ago.

It was inevitable I suppose, that I should undergo this maternal morphosis at some point, given that my body is crammed with 50% of her genes.  The fact that we were, characteristically, polar opposites, in every other which way, is neither here or there.

20 years ago I went to a school reunion.  I was fashionably late  and as I walked into the restaurant, I nearly walked out again.  I thought I had squeezed myself into a time warp.  20 odd heads turned to welcome me all looking remarkably like the women who used to drop my friends off at school. I just felt it hadn’t happened to me, but I was wrong.

I suppose it is only fitting that the women who created us should leave us with a visual reminder of where we came from.

Ah well,  c’est la vie … I better go and do something with my hair.

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