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The Dotage Diaries – Turning into my mother

I’ve had a bit of a shock.  I looked into the mirror and saw someone looking remarkably like my mother staring back at me.  So, if I needed visual confirmation, I’ve had it, I am turning into my mother.

Gazing into the mirror in disbelief, my mother’s face my have manifested itself on my own, but I think I can hear her saying, ‘I wish you’d do something with your hair!’  Which is worrying as she died over a year ago.

It was inevitable I suppose, that I should undergo this maternal morphosis at some point, given that my body is crammed with 50% of her genes.  The fact that we were, characteristically, polar opposites, in every which way, is neither here or there.

Twenty years ago I went to a school reunion and was fashionably late.  I walked into the restaurant and nearly walked out again.  Twenty heads turned to greet me, all looking remarkably like the women who used to drop my friends off at school. I felt I was in some sort of time warp.  I believed the physical changes hadn’t happened to me,  but I was wrong.

Right, I’m off to do something with my hair.

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