Time Honoured British Traditions – Number 1. Wife Carrying Race

Origin: A skill the British acquired from rampaging Viking invaders in Northumberland who had a nasty habit of carrying off local women.  In the male dominated Ancient Britain, Anglo Saxon men were challenged to run faster carrying their chattels on their backs.  As a sport, Wife Carrying achieved world championship status in 1991.

Objective:  Sling wife/girlfriend over your back, visualise the Great Heathen Army right behind you and run like hell over 415 yards over a series of obstacles.

Level of training required:  Intense.

Technique:  There are five different carrying positions to enjoy, as shown in the video below.

Running like hell.  Jack McKendrick (No. 21), carrying girlfriend Kirsty Jones, with the rest of the field at the hay-bale hurdles at the UK Wife Carrying Race March 2017 in Dorking, Surrey. Jack and Kirsty carried on to win the race.

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