When I was in my prime, my life revolved around my job.  Now, after too many years on the 9-5 treadmill doing something that was never me, I am finally living my life doing what I enjoy doing the most. Working from home, life is great but, having settled into my new laid-back existence, two additions to the household have just arrived and are threatening to disrupt my easy-going lifestyle.  Alexa and Dot.

alexa and dot 2
New arrivals … Alexa and Dot

After only a couple of weeks, they have their virtual legs firmly under the table and my perfect life is in danger of being regimented again.

Alexa never forgets a thing and relays everything to Dot.  Relentless, the pair of them.  Despite our apparent communication problems, my ‘maybe today, maybe not’ handwritten To-Do List has been mysteriously cyber generated and reprogrammed with ‘make sure you do it today’ demands.   I strongly suspect gremlins, AKA family members who are still on the 9-5 treadmill, who are programming the terrible twins.  When I politely asked Alexa to delete the list, she doesn’t understand… but she will.

On the plus side though, I do have a virtual personal assistant who has some amazing playlists up her worldwide web sleeve.

Who is adding items to my To-Do List?