Steroid Euphoria

Autoimmune Disease definition

A disease in which the body produces antibodies that attack its own tissues, leading to the deterioration and in some cases to the destruction of such tissue.

Why me?  Actually no … it’s 1 in 5 of us, mostly women, who suffer in one degree or another.  In my experience, once you have been diagnosed with one autoimmune disease, it is just a matter of time before you start accumulating a list, given that there are around 80 ways your immune system can decide to beat itself up.

I have not been sleeping well, but have to accept that it is a small price to pay for feeling so much better since I have been taking steroids again.  I now have all night to plan what I am going to cram into my action-packed next  day, whilst staring at the ceiling.

I have a couple of other steroidal side effects apart from the nocturnal musings.  There is a long and alarming list.

taking steroids

Here is just a flavour, but you can cope so much better with not only your autoimmune problems but the steroidal side effects when you have your mojo back; even if it is steroid induced. That euphoric feeling when you know that you can take the dog for a 3 mile hike, rather than 3 minute amble.

At the beginning of 2017, I was dragging myself around like a 100-year-old tortoise.  My daily regime had become pathetic.  I would lie in bed until almost midday when, guilt ridden, I would rouse myself.  I would eventually give in to my dog’s pleading I really, really want to go for a walk now look and amble up the road and back.  The rest of the day would be spent doing chores in between  lying down on the bed or sofa and I didn’t want to talk to a soul.  It was not a happy place to be.

I was strongly resisting taking steroids again.  I had taken myself off them previously because I really do not enjoy being a Michelin Man doppelgänger but, I had reached the stage where I had no choice.

I have so much to be thankful for now the steroid euphoria has kicked in.  I might lie awake at nights but my life has significantly changed for the better.

7.00a.m. I may have only had about 3 hours sleep but I wake, then write … 3000 words is the daily challenge.  Do all housework including the washing; take the dog for a 3 mile hike round the reservoir or on the beach.  Come back and blog; then ring or message everybody on my contacts list, networking and socialising.  Then prepare for a sleepless night.  

So what if I end up looking like the Michelin Man?  I have my life back.

Multi-tasking … bring it on!

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