Barry Manilow is gay? So what?

It has come out this week that Barry Manilow is gay.   It’s certainly not big news to his die hard fans, especially as he married his longtime manager, Garry Kief, last year.

I thought I would ‘disappoint’ fans if they knew I was gay.  Well, Barry you could not have been more wrong … you are the ultimate performer in our eyes … you could never disappoint us.

Barry people

Barry and
Barry and husband Garry Kief

My love of music began to evolve when I started working through my mother’s musical theatre LP collection.  Then I soaked up The Beatles, The Rolling Stones and Dylan … all the music my cool fiends were into and then I found Barry Manilow.

I kept schtum about it for a while, my friends would not have understood.  So I became a closet Barry fan  until I saw him perform at Wembley.  For me, it was a jaw dropping experience and I came out in style after that.

Barry has it all, he is the ultimate showman with a unique voice and an enviable song-writing ability.  When I saw him perform Copacobana, I thought I was in the West End as he bought musical theatre to his own unique brand of eclectic piano-driven pop and guitar-driven rock music.  It was brilliant and he has been out in front as world class performer for years.

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