I blame everything on the steroids these days.  I reluctantly take them because they seem to have some control over my immune system beating itself up and not because I have any desire to pump iron.  I just want to feel better.

weight gain
I try to forget about the other unwanted steroidial side affects … weight gain and moon face … so have made a mental note not to look in any mirrors.

I have good reason to believe that the steroids are responsible for my bouts of insomnia but boy, when I do sleep, my dreams are escalating out of all proportion.  Last night I dreamt that a tarantula was crawling over my face.  spider

I suffer from


at the best of times … in fact anything with a 8 legs and a plump, hairy abdomen and I’m off.   So, why would I dream about a tarantula crawling across my face and open mouth?  One theory I’ve filched is from dreamculture.com:

The dream tarantula may also symbolize the “dark” side of your personality or predict poor health or a disappointing love affair. A spider (tarantula) dream usually symbolizes someone in your waking life who is sneaky and cruel. It could also represent someone who is smothering you.

Oh dear …

Mr Freud on the other hand actually believed that dreaming about spiders represented the devouring mother who consumes her children through possessiveness or her power to arouse guilt. She is symbolised by the spider that traps and lives off her innocent victims. As dreamsleep.net commented … ‘Freud’s Mom has a lot to answer for!’

You know what?  I think … maybe … I should just give up eating cheese …