Political Mudslinging and Backbiting is never going to make Britain Great

Today is the UK’s General Election Day.   Tucked away in Jersey, Channel Islands, I still consider myself 100% British, despite my true blue British blood having been diluted with a little of my feisty Greek grandmother’s.   Although born in Yorkshire, I don’t get to vote in the UK Elections, because I have been domiciled in Jersey for so long, but it doesn’t stop me taking an avid interest in what is going on a mere 165 miles across the English Channel.

I Tweeted this morning that I was ashamed to be British.  I didn’t entirely mean it.  I was in a rage.  Like the rest of the world, my mind has been focused on the UK recently, it would be impossible for anybody with a heart not to be.  I had picked up a Tweet by the Co-Founder of the Women’s Equality Party, Catherine Mayer, with a link to an article written by  and published in the Guardian yesterday.


I couldn’t believe what I read and was so incensed and outraged I dashed off the Tweet before I even realised it had gone.

Women’s Equality party candidate receives death threat signed ‘Jo Cox’

Nimco Ali
Nimco Ali, a prominent campaigner against female genital mutilation and the party’s candidate in Hornsey and Wood Green, received an abusive, racist letter that contained a death threat and was signed “Jo Cox”.  Alexandra Topping, The Guardian 7th June 2017
It is clear that there is a minority in our sceptred isle have no scruples. Their callousness knows no bounds.  We may never stop reeling over the senseless and cowardly killing of Jo Cox, someone who worked so tirelessly to make the lives of many better, including campaigning for a solution to the Syrian War and creating Civilian Safe Havens.  Her murderer, inspired by white supremacism.

I hope whoever wrote this hatefilled letter to Nimco Ali is found, exposed and punished.  Nimco Ali is another tireless campaigner to end violence against women and for the rights of refugee women and children.  She was recently named by The Sunday Times as one of Debrett’s 500 most influential people in Britain.  I hope the electorate in Hornsey and Wood Green come out in their droves to vote for her today.

To read Alexandria Topping’s piece today so soon after the negative and vitriolic press against Diane Abbott tipped my Tweeting balance. Why do people constantly feel the need to home in on all the negativity when they should be applauding the good work Diane has done since 1982?  In 2008, her speech on civil liberties in the counterterrorism debate won Parliamentary Speech Of The Year in the Spectator awards.

Diane Abbott
Stop dishing Diane Abbott … she deserves better …

She (Diane Abbott) has spoken on Leveson, terrorism, education, poverty, welfare, illness, disability, refugees, child sexual abuse, pro-choice abortion. Her campaigns include legal aid, civil liberties, fighting crime, sickle cell thallasemia, public transport, improving education. She has given speeches at Harvard University, for Christ’s sake. Have you? She has travelled to Kenya, China, Uganda, all over the world, representing the Government. Representing Britain. HAVE YOU?

Jack Monroe

I sincerely hope the electorate in Hackney North and Stoke Newington will support and vote for Diane Abbott today.

Sadly the run up to this General Election has been one of back-biting, name-calling and bad mouthing aimed at those who constantly strive to make the lives of others better.


There is no place in our United Kingdom for those who sink so low, pointing fingers and using character defamation and wanton nastiness in an pathetic attempt to demean and discredit.  What did you ever do to help make our country great?

I could take my earlier Tweet down, but I won’t.  I will always love and be proud of the country I was born in and hate, in all it’s hideous guises, will never win.



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