Gloomsbury – Popping my Audible Cherry

There is no question that I have over politicked myself over the last few weeks and have an overwhelming desire to get back to some sort of normality.   And where best to rest my sore, square TV eyes than to launch myself the auditory delights of Audible.

Alexa has arrived in my life and although we initially had some communication problems, her arrival has heralded the start of my addiction to Audible.

Listening to the works of some of our literary greats can never feel quite the same as holding their revered book in our hands, but Audible allows you the hands free opportunity to multitask with Alexa, on your phone or other portable device.  The constant demands in our lives, such as deadheading and digging in the garden, ironing, walking the dog, the Audible possibilities are endless

To pop my Audible cherry, the first volume that has arrived in my Audible library is Gloomsbury by one of my favour authors, Sue Limb. I have loved Sue Limb ever since I fell in love with her character, Dulcie Domun.

Sue Limb
The sizzling Sue Limb’s Rhapsody about Bohemians – Gloomsbury

The Radio Four Sit Com Gloomsbury had passed me by as I confess tuning into Radio Four is not something I have availed myself to over the years, but Gloomsbury is a wonderful parody about the love, lives and works of the Bloomsbury Group.  Featuring Miriam Margolyes as Vera Sackcloth-Vest (Vita Sackville-West) and other delightful characters bought alive by the brilliance of  Alison Steadman as Ginny Fox (Virginia Woolf), this Rhapsody about Bohemians is brilliant.  What could possibly go wrong?

Perhaps someone, maybe even me, should parody the antics goings on at Number 10?  But for now, my tired eyes and I are sticking with Gloomsbury listening the events unfold at Vera’s family pile, Sizzlinghurst.

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