Finding an Antidote for Hate

Blogging is a tough job … whatever your niche … and especially when you don’t have one.

My Lost Blogs were always intended to be a snapshots of life sprinkled with a little gentle humour, but it is very hard to motivate yourself on a daily basis to mock what is going on the world around you when, right now, there is very little to laugh about.

I can’t believe that the first anniversary of Jo Cox’s brutal and cowardly murder has come and gone.   I still can’t believe that this bright star, whose own life was centred around making the lives of others better, is no longer with us.

Jo Cox Wedding Day Jo Cox Foundation
The late Jo Cox, wife, mother and politician who strived to make life better for many.  Photo Credit:  The Jo Cox Foundation

Hate doesn’t have a creed, race or religion, it is poisonous.”

Brendan Cox

Since Jo’s death, more warped minds have crawled out of the woodwork fuelled by this poison, wantonly causing death and destruction, to innocent, defenceless men, women and children going about their everyday lives. Victims from all walks of life and ethnic backgrounds.  Where or more importantly, when will it end?

We experience love from the moment we leave the womb.  Hate is taught, a drip fed poison, polluting young, sponge like minds.  As a matter of urgency, we all need to pull together and find an antidote.

nobody is born racist 2







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