Ed Sheeran – An Art Form in Real-Time

I’ve had a great weekend, but it’s all come and gone too quickly.

The ingredients were all there, great food, great wine, great wit and banter with friends, interspersed with a great Glastonbury; the latter from the comfort of my armchair.

Just brilliant to see some of the oldies rocking it.  Barry Gibb who, at times, seemed a little overwhelmed that he could still attract such a huge audience at 70.  Age is but a number.

One Bee Gee attracting one of the largest crowds of the weekend, as he reeled off a mere handful of his greatest hits.

Another big draw, Katy Perry, finished her performance by executing the security guard’s nightmare … stage diving followed by a little crowd surfing.

Katy Pery

Katy Perry – Glastonbury 2017 – Photo Credit:  Reuters/Instagram

But for me, the best came last.  Ed Sheeran.  Headlining.  On his own. No band, no backing singers, no dancers.

Ed Sheeran Glasto 2017

The amazing Ed Sheeran – Glastonbury 2017 Photo Credit:

Just Ed with his trusty acoustic guitar and a loop pedal, throwing his all into a stunning performance, that entertained and enthralled the vast sea of people.  Raw talent at it’s very best.  Watching last night, I felt like I wanted to compare him to a magician,  because I couldn’t second guess what he was going to pull out of the bag next.  A visually breathtaking performance.  An art form in real-time.

It’s been one hell of a weekend.





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