The Lightbulb Moment

One of the many outtakes from the final draft of JUST SAY IT!

 The Lightbulb Moment

She needed to move on generally. Her career was stagnating and what was she doing about it? Applying for a job as a Junior Reporter. Forty years old and applying for a job as a junior hack? Apparently an under-qualified junior hack at that. After all those years spent churning out radical feminist articles, is this really what she had been reduced to? She was losing the plot and was all her mother’s fault.

Blame it on your mother

Always blame the mother. A phrase that is so often bandied about, but in Trisha’s case, it was justified. She would never have left her job or London for that matter had it not been for her mother having one of her unmitigated disasters. Heavens to Betsy! That woman had a great deal to answer for. If she hadn’t been born at home, Trish would have laid odds on a switched at birth scenario. Her mother had tried to ruin Lisa’s life, or at least de-rail it, on more than one occasion and at 40 years old, she was still trying to make herself less available to her demanding mother, but she never quite managed it. She was the one living in the country and her mother was living the high life in Belgravia with all the family money as well as the late lamented Levi’s Coots account.

Suddenly, she had a light bulb moment and she hadn’t had one of those for years. Perhaps she should write a novel? Yes. What an excellent idea! There had certainly been enough going on throughout her life that could be drafted into a page-turner. She rubbed her hands together. The thought far from phased her it excited her. Why on earth hadn’t she thought of that before? The one thing she knew she could do was write.


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