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I have been trolling through today’s news on the internet and as is often the case, I wish I hadn’t bothered, it’s always best to wait until 7 o’clock and Jon Snow.

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Proper news with Jon Snow

Susan Boyle repeatedly harassed by a group of 15-year-old boys in her home town.  The story has been rumbling around for a while, it is outrageous and the boys in question should have been punished by now.  My suggestion would be community service; hard labour, digging ditches for example.  I am sure there is plenty for them to do in West Lothian that will keep them hard at work and out of trouble during the school holidays and at weekends … for the next couple of years.  At the end of the school day, they should stay in the classroom for intensive coaching on how to become decent human beings.

But … reporting that girls as young as 9 are asking the NHS to perform labiaplasty surgery has … just about … left me speechless.  Bought up on a farm in rural Gloucestershire, I had no idea what a vagina was at 9. I think my mother probably referred to it as something else 🙂 but there were far more interesting things for me to be doing at 9 than peering at my vagina.  I wasn’t a contortionist anyway and I haven’t a hope in hell of getting down there now, but having my labia tweaked has never entered my mind at any stage of my life.

With the NHS at full stretch, performing labiaplasty surgery for cosmetic purposes is outrageous and 9-year-old girls should never be allowed to believe that designer vaginas will make their lives better. Everybody has become lookist, including the boys in West Lothian.  We are all different, down there as well as everywhere else.  We are who we are, we should embrace our individuality and not mutilate ourselves for the sake of appearences, or encourage our children to do so.




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  1. First of all…OUCH!!! I couldn’t imagine having anything done down there, especially for the sake of making myself more appealing to a boy. Where are these kids getting these ideas from? It’s scary. Like yourself, my mother kept well away from the subject of private parts. I suspect it was because she feared fueling my curiosity [not saying I had any], would end up causing even bigger problems.

    Also like you I’m happy with myself just the way I am. I have found that if I am happy and express this confidently, others [now men] are happy as well. And if not, “down there” would be a “closed” subject!

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