Don’t Let Your Plot Sag

How is your current fictional work-in-progress going?  There have been times during my first serious foray into fiction that my belief in my own abilities, let alone the plot, has flagged.  Fortunately I have had the opportunity to go to three writer’s weekends hosted by author Adrienne Dines and Barbara Large, founder of the Winchester Writers’ Festival during the last two years and they always mange to boost my faltering morale.

More recently I was lucky enough to have the first few thousand words of my second re-write critiqued by Lorna Fergusson of Fictionfire.  It was very detailed feedback and something I have benefitted from enormously.  I am sure Lorna sensed my plot was limbering up to a saggy middle, so made a few creative comments about the direction the plot could possibly take and I’m now much more confident that my middle is much less flabby.my middle is much less flabby

So I love this piece written by Lorna for Triskele Books and posted on 7th July 2017 entitled

The Dreaded Saggy Plot

Check it out here.  We can all learn from it.

mid plot sag.png

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