Towards the end of 2016, I took a leap of faith.

My autoimmune problems were really getting me down.  I wanted to be doing more but was becoming less active on a daily basis.  My body ached as my daily routine became a struggle.  On a whim, or more likely another little nudge from The Universe, I started Qigong lessons with Pamela White and, hand on heart, I can say that my life is so much better in many ways.

Qigong’s aim is to achieve fitness, happiness,

peace of mind and longevity


Pamela White of Acupuncture Jersey was taught by Senior Qigong Teacher Lu in China


At the beginning of 2016, Pam met and was taught by Senior Qigong Teacher Lu whilst attending teacher training in China.   Lu’s partner Ling also teaches Qigong. They both trained and worked at the medicine-less hospital in China and worked with the Grandmaster Dr. Pang Ming.  Dr. Pang Ming studied both Western and Traditional Chinese Medicine before he went on to learn Qigong from many Masters and then opened the Qigong Healing Centre for medicine-less healing.


The good news for Jersey is that Pam is hosting a Qigong Weekend Workshop, Three Treasures, at The Barn, Jersey Amateur Dramatic Club, Hougue Bie during the weekend of 12th/13th August 2017 and has invited both Lu and Ling who will be leading the Zhineng Qigong workshop, which will also include talks and demonstrations.

Lu and Ling
Qigong teachers Lu and Ling in Jersey 10th-13th August 2017

This is a great opportunity for Jersey residents to learn with Pam as well as two highly respected Qigong teachers visiting the UK from China.  An opportunity for not only for the enlightened who are already practicing Qigong but for those who would like to know more as Lu and Ling are giving a free talk on Zhineng Qigong Thursday 10th August 2017 at The Barn, Hougue Bie.


Hope to see you at the free talk on 10th August 2017 at Hougue Bie or if would like to take part in the weekend, or if you are interested in joining Pam’s Zhineng Qigong classes starting in September 2017, call her on 07797-820659 or email her @