Command Performance Dreaming

I have always had amazingly vivid dreams.  Stuff works its way into my subconscious, then I dream about them and sometimes like now I end up writing about them.

curtain up
Curtain up!

Since childhood, I have also had a great love for the theatre and have been haunted by a recurring dream for many years.  I am sitting on a toilet as a huge red velvet, Palladium-esque curtain goes up like a rocket, revealing an audience of thousands.  I always said that Freud would have had a field day with me.

Very recently I was discussing the brilliance of actress Nicola Walker.  I watched Quartet with the incredible Maggie Smith for the umpteenth time and Dillie Keane, one important third of Fascinating Aida, well I have been addicted to them for 20 years, so they often sew on sequins in my dreams.

Yesterday I read that Dillie Keane was appearing in a Little Night Music at The Watermill Theatre near Newbury and I was thinking how much I would like to go.  I was irritated because I can’t just jump in the car and go as the English Channel gets in the way.

Dillie Keane – I can’t believe I have been addicted to Fascinating Aida for 25 years
Fascinating Aida’s Dillie Keane is appearing at the gorgeous Watermill Theatre – 27th July to 16th September 2017

So I dream.  Dillie has bamboozled the director of a high-flying play she is in with Maggie Smith and Nicola Walker, into offering me a small part.  I am ecstatic.  My dream of performing with those I have held in such awe for so long is coming true.

My first night and the awesome threesome are on stage together as I am standing excitedly in the wings waiting for my cue.  I am awed by Maggie’s monologue as theatrical fog shrouds the stage.

The incredible Maggie Smith

The atmosphere is intense and I am feeling a little nervous now.  It is almost time to deliver my important one liner to Maggie and I lean, a little too heavily, on a piece of the scenery which brings the whole set crashing down around the awesome threesome.  Maggie is fuming and Dillie starts singing Suddenly New Zealand and I need a trap door to escape the wrath of the entire cast and crew.

The brilliant Nicola Walker

Fortunately, Nicola Walker thought it was funny as the curtain came down and I woke up.




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  1. Interesting! Ever heard about Robert Moss and Active Dreaming? Highly recommended! (I have several of his books) If this was my dream, I’d be rather pleased that something I felt was a disaster (and to which others agteed) was thought to be utterly hilarious by someone I admire greatly. Maybe I can relax a bit and find comfort in the thought that my disasters are never only that.

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