The Blonde Plotters at the 2017 Jersey Festival of Words

As I nervously await news about my current work-in-progress and whether it will swim or drown in the slush pile, the 2017 Jersey Festival of Words (Wednesday 27th September and Sunday October 1st) will soon be upon us to take my mind off the impending doom.

A great opportunity for Islanders to be inspired by the literary prowess of some of the best.  This year’s line-up includes Richard Dawkins, Dame Jenni Murray, Lauren Child, Alexander McCall Smith and John Boyne.

Jersey, Channel Islands authors Kelly Clayton (Blood in the Sand), Gwyn GB (Islands and Lonely Hearts) and Deborah Carr, who also writes under the name Georgina Troy (Broken Faces, Summer Sundaes and The Jersey Scene Series), will also be there.

Collectively known as The Blonde Plotters, they have been the focus of my attention for quite some time, marvelling at their individual output and wondering if I can ever make it to Blonde, until I sit in the sun then I go white, Plotter status.

I am really looking forward to seeing them at the 2017 Jersey Festival of Words and if you would like to do the same, there are two opportunities for you to do so, just click on the links below.

Thursday September 28th 13.10hrs at Jersey Library – Do you want to have a book published?

Saturday September 30th 13.30 at The Opera House Studio –  Join the Blonde Plotters as they discuss their craft, their inspirations and how the three came to meet.




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