Day One of the Recuperation Process

Having survived my 12.5 hour trip from Jersey to Faro, with Mr Mucus clasped tightly to my chest, I started sweating him out in the glorious Algarvean sunshine the following morning.

mucus be gone
Get lost Mr Mucus!  I’m gonna sweat you out!

I didn’t last very long in the heat and spent the afternoon in bed.  I balked at the suggestion of going out for an early evening meal to one of my favourite places, Xenia, but being as I am a very pliable person, I found myself sitting by their magnificent pool about to order my dinner.

My view of the pool was obscured by a set of drums belonging to Space Jam.  space jam at xeniaAs someone who blogged for years about up and coming bands and artists, I am always curious.  My age and expanded physique may now prevent me from being down with the kids but it doesn’t stop me from still being interested.

The band were setting up their gear as I explored the medicinal properties of Ajuda branco which, of course, I hadn’t tasted for a year.  As I was getting Ajuda-ed, the band launched into one of my favourite numbers and I responded enthusiastically, only to be told that it was a sound check.

I have seen many cover bands over the years but these guys were exceptional, reeling off timeless twentieth-century classics with lead singer Filipe Neves and amazing lead guitarist, Wilson Serverino, complemented by Gonçalo Félix Pereira (bass) and João Mota on drums.

I responded like I was at a major festival, singing along and prancing around, attempting to throw off Mr Mucus in the process, although a little appalled to see that I featured in a video posted on their Facebook page this morning.  I actually eclipsed Filipe Neves as I geriatrically grooved passed him.

I took a few wobbly videos, but am planning to go and see them again next Friday and do a little better.  Followers of Music Crowns should see them.

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