Holiday Read Number One: A Quiet Place by Peggy Boleat

Peggy Boleat (1922-2014)

I so wish I had met Peggy Boleat having just read her extraordinary and raw account of her life in Jersey during the German occupation of the Channel Islands in the Second World War.  My life in Jersey started in 1981.  Our paths could have so easily crossed.

Peggy suffered from TB of the spine which, despite displaying symptoms as a child, was only picked up when she was 17 and spent two and a half years immobilised in plaster around the time of the occupation but, thankfully she went on to make a full recovery.

A Quiet Place is a very moving family published book in 1993.  I managed to pick up a second-hand copy courtesy of It would have benefitted from a thorough edit, but it gets the story across none-the-less.

The read was especially poignant for me, because I know one of her younger descendants, of whom I know Peggy would undoubtedly have been very proud indeed.




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