I’ve just got home feeling wonderfully buzzy and for once it is not the Pinot Grigio.  You know that effervescent feeling you get when you have had an enormously productive day?  Well, here’s how mine went …

Lunchtime with The Blonde Plotters, Gwyn GB, Kelly Clayton and Deborah Carr (AKA Georgina Troy) at the Jersey Library, who were hosting Do you want to have a book published?  You can bet your bottom dollar that I do. Ah … I am such a cliché.

THE BLONDE PLOTTERS – From left to right Gwyn GB, Kelly Clayton and Deborah Carr (AKA Georgina Troy)

I might fantasize about being the fourth Blonde Plotter but, for now, I feel like d’Artagnan in awe of the Three Musketeers as my novel is-still-in-progress.  So, I have a great deal to learn from the multi-published fab three and I have had the opportunity to do that today.

My evening started in the OH! Cafébar at Jersey’s Opera House and went on to an audience with Ella Woodward.  My family was very keen for me to go and see Ella.  I suppose it’s something to do with the way they sigh when I tell them what’s on the supper menu.  I hate cooking.  My mother sent me to domestic science college when I was 16 and I was expelled within two months. An unfortunate episode and not related to my diabolical cooking skills.


Tonight it was wonderful to see the Opera House crammed with many so young people to witness 26-year-old Ella Woodward regale the months and years following her Postural Tachycardia Syndrome diagnosis, which led to her doing something about her diet and blogging about it, going on to her write her first book Deliciously Ella, quickly followed by Deliciously Ella Every Dayand Deliciously Ella with Friends.

She was delightful and as I am an involuntary collector of autoimmune diseases, in 70 minutes she encouraged me to become a better, more imaginative cook and be more aware of the dietary implications on our general health.