Armageddon Skies

There was doom and gloom in the UK skies yesterday due to various meteorological disturbances, Hurricane Ophelia, Saharan dust and the fallout from the dreadful Portuguese and Spanish fires, which made it very hard to write anything with a hint of humour.

Contributors to Social Media were in their element.

I took my cat to the vet around midday, car headlights glaring and peering into the gloaming trying to spot pedestrians.

Once at the vets and earwigging a conversation about the possible causes of the eclipse-esque visibility at lunchtime, one belief was that somebody across the Atlantic might have completely lost it and pushed the red button.  ‘You never quite know …’  She said.

Our skies may have taken on an Armageddon hue for a while yesterday, but thankfully, we are all still here this morning.


Published by Tessa Barrie

Writer from Jersey, Channel Islands, UK, who looks at life from the funny side. Her first novel Just Say It was published in June 2021, and she hopes to publish novel number two, a murder-mystery spoof, by the end of 2021. View more posts

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