Les Mis Parody

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I have been addicted to the musical theatre since I was 6 after my father took me to see a performance of Hello Dolly in the West End.  I went on to see performances of Charlie Girl, The King and I and, I think, South Pacific with him.  All I can tell you is that I had Nellie Forbush’s part nailed by the time I was 7.

It’s an impossible decision to make, but I think Le Mis is my favourite musical of all time … closely followed by all the above, Billy Elliot, Blood Brothers (which I balled my eyes in the theatre three nights in a row with Linda Nolan as Mrs Johnstone), Joseph and Phantom of the Opera.  The list is much loved and endless.

So I hesitated before posting a parody of Le Mis, believing that nobody has the right to take the micheal out of such a beautiful contribution to the musical theatre … but it really made me smile so I couldn’t help myself.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I present to you the thespians known as Theatre Nerds.  Happy Friday!

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