Winchester Writers’ Festival – Writing Workout – 4th November 2017

I’m so excited for this!  I’ve been limbering up for this one-day event, which is a part of the Winchester Writer’s Festival, for some time.

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I’m in the process of editing the fifth re-write of my novel in progress so there is no better time to give it a kick up the plotline and I cannot think of any better way to stimulate my creative juices than to spend a day in the company of:

Isabel Rogers – Poet.  Don’t Ask (Eyewear Publishing)

Judith HeneghanAward-winning children’s writer, Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester and Director of the Winchester Writers’ Festival.

Stephen Thompson – Senior Lecturer at the University of Winchester and Novelist No More Heroes (Jacaranda Books)

Lorna Fergusson – Creative writing tutor and author of The Chase and An Oxford Vengeance and someone who injected a dose of va-va-voom into my novel-in-progress in January 2017.

Adrienne Dines – Author Soft Voices Whispering and The Jigsaw Maker.  I already have a great deal to thank Adrienne Dines for, along with her partner in creative writing crime, Barbara Large.  They have been hosting Writers Weekend’s here in Jersey for the last few years and I first met them just at a time I felt that if I didn’t rekindle my passion for creative writing … my head would explode!

Writer's Working Out with Adrienne Dines and Barbara Large - Jersey Arts Centre 2017
Adrienne Dines (Top of Table left) with Barbara Large (Top of Table right)  Jersey – June 2017


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