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Monday – Had another very vivid dream.  I was dressed from head to toe in red and signing autographs, having just flown another sortie as a Red Arrow pilot.  I blame it on the medication myself, but I have a history of bizarre dreaming.

I must stop thinking about getting the Christmas decorations down from the attic.  Will do it tomorrow.

Writer's Clock

Tuesday – If I was goggled eyed a few days ago, my symptoms are worse today.  I think I am suffering from chronic over editing syndrome.

Good Editor

Have just sent out draft to alpha reader and have spotted two gaffs in the first paragraph of the first chapter.  I need to step away from novel-in-progress, even it is keeping me awake at night.   When I count sheep they remind me of the hundreds of unedited pages of my manuscript.  So much to do, so little time and it’s nearly Christmas.

I must get up in the attic … tomorrow …

Blog Graphic-2

Wednesday – Started doing a few photo shoots with Cassie the Blog Dog for our Blog Christmas Specials … whatever they are going to be.  Cassie’s photos have come out quite well, but I will have to borrow somebody’s Photoshop so I can sort mine out.

Not sure why I look 10 years older than last year.  It would help if I could get a good night’s sleep.  Then I will get up in the attic and sort Christmas decorations out but, for now, must go and do some more editing.


Thursday – Getting up at 05.00a.m. was not what I planned, but a small irritating dream gremlin was tapping me on the head saying … remember you took chapter 21 out?  Well … I would put it back if I were you.

Burnt out writer

Not sure how it has got so close to Christmas and I seem to have done precious little in the way of Christmas shopping.  Must sort the Christmas decorations out!!!!!

Friday – Fa, la, la, la, la, la la la …. Christmas decorations downstairs and have bought tree.  Although our Norwegian Spruce is still sitting in the back of my car, I will sort everything out tomorrow.  By the way … has anybody looked at my wish list yet? 

A writer's Christmas