I’m not in the sort of shape that I would like to be in at the beginning of a New Year.  I was hoping to make a start on some of the aspirational plans on my 2018 Sort Yourself Out List today, but after a night from Hell, any plans I may have had, aspirational or otherwise, have gone on hold.

The early hours of this morning brought out the extreme GOW in me.

I spent most of it wandering aimlessly around the house … growling like the polar bear opposite to the image of the cute polar bear on my new fleecy, Christmas pajamas.  My bed had morphed into the most uncomfortable place on earth and I couldn’t sit down either.


Sciatica was and still is frustratingly the culprit.  How can one small nerve cause such pain?  I’m off for a bit of acupuncture tomorrow which, hopefully, will hit the spot.