I’ve just been catching up on news in the wider world.   Most of it made me shudder, very little made me smile and some could hardly be labelled WORLD newsworthy.

The US President is obese and I don’t suppose he is particularly chuffed to know that the world knows.  Trumpo.jpg

18,000 Canadians signed a petition in a successful bid to prevent a sold-out naked pool party splashing around in Calgary on 14th January.  But, and in an attempt to alleviate the disappointment of all those Calgarians who had signed up to be in the buff on that chilly 1°C day, the Edmonton Naturists have invited them to get their kit off in Edmonton instead.  Happy days.

Get naked in the pool the Edmonton Naturists

I am very pleased to say that there was one heart-warming headline caught my eye.

Syrian shoe-shine refugee photo wins Turkish hearts

Omer Yavuz took this photo of 12-year-old Syrian refugee Muhammet Hussein looking longingly through a sports centre window in Turkey.

The photo went viral.  Social Media users took Muhammet to their hearts, commenting on his shoe shine kit and the fact that he was wearing sandals in winter.   The owners of the sports centre were also touched and tracked Muhammet down to offer him free lifetime membership.  There is some justice in this world.


Muhammet Hussein enjoying the start of his lifetime membership at the Olympiat Sports Center in Adiyaman, Turkey


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