The Straw that broke the Camel’s Back

I smell Botox in the wind of 12 camels

Camels given Botox are disqualified from Beauty Contest


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Botox gone wrong

Whatever next? ¬†I am struggling to get my head around this. ¬†However saggy and baggy I get, I’m not interested in injecting myself with Botulinum toxin¬†because it can go horribly wrong sometimes and you end up with lips the size of a pair of Pirelli tyres. ¬†Why you would want to inject it into an animal to enhance its beauty is beyond me.

What-s it all about
“What’s all the fuss about?

A dozen Camelus beauties recently took the hump when they were disqualified from the month-long King Abdulaziz Camel Festival beauty contest in the Southern Terrains of the Al-Dahna, Desert, Saudi Arabia.

The festival takes place over one month and around 30,000 camels take part in racing and some take to the camel walk, for their beauty to be scrutinised by many camel loving judges.

What do you think of it so far? “Rubbish! I spit at you!”

Unfortunately, this year some of the camel owners were so desperate for a share¬†of the ‚ā¨25.6m prize money, very appealing I grant you, decided to subject their poor animals to Botox treatment to their lips, nose, the upper and lower lips as well as their jaws.

I smell Botox in the wind of 12 camels

So how do you judge a camel’s beauty? Well, it’s an all over thing really, you know, your nostrils, your leathery mouth and your udder, that kind of thing.

So if you own a cute camel, sorry but crossbred or non-purebred camels that do not originate from Saudi Arabia are not eligible to enter, you better sign up for next year’s event. ¬†BUT … remember … NO BOTOX!



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