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Beware of what Lurks in the Sand

You never know what's lurking in tropical sand.

I’m shocked to hear that in some parts of the world you can’t walk barefoot on the beach without this happening.

You don’t expect to spend a romantic couple of weeks in a Caribbean resort, walking hand and hand along the beach at sunset and picking up Hookworm larvae on your feet in the process.  This happened to Eddie Zytner and his girlfriend after a romantic holiday to Punta Cana, in the Dominican Republic.

larvaeOn returning home, his feet felt hot and sore, then blisters appeared and after a few more days, they looked like this, infected by Larva Migrans.

The sordid truth is that if your skin touches sand or if you sit on sand or soil that has been contaminated with dog or cat feces infested with hookworms, the eggs hatch in the ground, then the blood-sucking larvae migrate into the skin.

Eddie took to Social Media, to warn us all that we need to be more vigilant.  Most Hookworm infections occur in Africa, the Americas, China and southeast Asia, according to the NHS.  But they also tell you to be aware if you are travelling to tropical and subtropical parts of the Caribbean because you cannot be certain what is lurking in the sand.

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