After hearing alarming reports of snow in our sun-soaked destination of Gran Canaria just before leaving home, we were elated to touch down at Las Palmas in glorious sunshine. Great. The sun in Gran Canaria generally shines for 7 hours a day, even in February … that is why we booked a week here. Unfortunately, by the time we disembarked the aircraft and collected our bags, monsoon-like rain had started hammering down.

Boarding a coach with a group of fellow glum and pasty-faced looking Brits, aching to find some sunshine and trying not to cry as they were dropped off at their various rain-soaked hotels that they had so carefully chosen several weeks before.


State of the art TUI coach motoring along the fine motorway from the airport which peters out at Puerto de Mogan


Always wanting to go further and farther afield to absorb as much of the local culture as possible, we were the last to be dropped off. Our very own state of the art coach for three people pierced its way along the impressive and, I imagine, very recently constructed motorway infrastructure that ploughs its way through ancient and impressive rock formations, until we reached our carefully chosen destination of Puerto de Mogán where we were ecstatic find blue skies.

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